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Recipe for Success

Families in Society

 In this module, students examine how the definition

of family has evolved as society has changed.

They discuss the role of families in society, identify

various family structures, analyse current trends in

Canadian families, and compare customs and

traditions of families in different cultures. Students

study the roles and responsibilities of family

members and identify factors that influence family

dynamics. They learn about a variety of economic,

social, emotional, and global issues and challenges

that may affect families and generate strategies that

can be used to help families meet specific issues and


Your Future Awaits

Interpersonal & Family Relationships

 In this module, students examine the reasons

people form relationships and the qualities

important in various types of relationships.

They learn about characteristics of readiness for a

committed relationship, identify the legal and

financial implications of various committed

relationships, and explore a variety of marriage/

commitment customs and ceremonies. Students

examine why different types of relationships end,

and healthy or positive ways people deal with the

end of a relationship. They also analyse the legal

and financial implications of ending various types

of committed relationships. This module includes

an emphasis on effective communication skills and

how such skills contribute to positive interactions.

Students study the components of both healthy and

unhealthy relationships and learn ways to handle

potentially unsafe relationship situations.

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Careers & Finances

 In this module, students study the role housing plays in meeting

physical, social, and emotional needs, and how

housing needs change through life. Students analyse

the cost of independent living and the relationship

between income and expenses, consider various

factors that may influence housing choices, and

identify the legal rights and responsibilities of

independent living. Students learn how to analyse

and interpret floor plans for personal preference,

efficiency, and safety, how to analyse and use the

elements and principles of design, and how to

generate and apply criteria for selecting housing

and interior products. Emphasis is also placed on

the importance of home maintenance and safety

and ways in which consumers can conserve energy,

water, and other resources in the home.

Students examine the variety of housing options,

including the economic decisions involved in

renting or buying a home, and investigate

considerations for purchasing and paying for major

household items. Finally, students research the

training required and working conditions of

various occupations and career opportunities

related to housing and the environment.

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